About US


The Monssoen Group was originally founded in 2003 to support customers in growing their small business enterprises. Monssoen has helped many organizations over the past few decades to achieve their goals and reach new heights.  

01. Strategic

Our team focuses on utilizing proven strategies drawn from the best business cases, educational programs, and proven strategists in the startup and SMB realm. 

02. always improving

Our team of professionals is always seeking to reach the next level, and as such we focus on continuous learning and improvement for all of our staff and consultants.

03. LoyalTY

We consider your business our business. We treat your organization with the care and respect we do our own, ensuring that your needs get the priority they deserve.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

The Monssoen Group has helped numerous companies in the last two decades raise over $40 million by building sound strategies, connecting the right people, and helping founders understand what helps companies succeed. We have helped 95% of our customers establish and reach or exceed their goals in order to create lasting enterprises. 

Million+ raised


Achieved Goals


A Team Of Professionals

Brian M. Kennedy


20+ year startup and SMB veteran with a focus in technology, marketing, and business management.

J Narayanan


Veteran operations, administration, and customer management cross-industry expert.

Jonathan Bonghi


20+ year startup and growth founder focused on growing business organizations rapidly. 

S Ashwath Venkatesh


Expert technology startup founder and operations specialist with SMB and corporate experience

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What We Do Best

Management Consulting

Helping you ensure the right management practices are in place.

C-Level Executives On-Demand

Providing expert COO, CSO, and CMO professionals with great connections.

user experience consulting

Helping you drive the best experience for your product or service.

strategic planning

Teaching and Implementing the best business success strategies.

Operations Consulting

Implementing the right systems and procedures to scale your organization.

Financial CONSULTing

Ensuring your financial practices spell growth and not disaster.

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