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The Monssoen Group can help your startup or SMB not only solidify their vision, but equip you with the right initial players that help you achieve that vision and connect you with the right people and practices that will ultimately help you avoid the most common pitfalls and reach your goals. 

Our services are geared toward providing small-business enterprises and startups with the best possible opportunity to grow into alignment with their vision, mission, and plan.  

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Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Our operations, sales, and marketing experts can help you navigate the fast paced landscape of startups, growth enterprises, and emerging business by helping you map out your future, add credibility to it, and utilize processes that will help you build, measure, and learn so you can iterate your idea to the most successful version. Our flexible planning style will help you know you are on track, but give you the room to change when and where necessary. 

  • Flexible Business Plans
  • Pitch Deck Designs
  • Product and Business Model Roadmaps

We specialize in

Startup and Emerging Small Business Management and Consulting

Business Consulting

Business Planning

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Product Development Strategy

Operations and Financial Planning

Market Research

User Experience Research

Branding Consulting

Digital Marketing Consulting

Mergers & Acquisitions

Fractional C-Level Executives

Investor preparation


What We Can Do For You

The Monssoen Group has four major areas of focus. These four areas are designed to support startups and growing SMB organizations as they transition from developing to established. Our services in these four areas are intended to give these types of companies the best opportunity to continue growth and succeed in their market. 

Strategic Planning

Business Plans, Strategic Plans, and overall Growth Strategy and Mapping.

C-Level Support

COO, CMO, and CSO On-Demand services for experience and success.

Marketing Consulting

Branding, User Experience, Image and Reputation Consulting and Guidance.

Management Consulting

Operations, Budgeting, Financial Planning, and Business Structure.


Operations, Sales, and Marketing

Are you too early in your startup’s progress to hire a full-time operations, sales, or marketing executive? Look no further – when you need this type of support The Monssoen Group can help you by assigning a fractional (part-time) COO, CSO, or CMO to help you in your growth plans. Our experienced C-Level Executives can help you make the right choices, the right connections, and ultimately help you reach the right stage where hiring a full-time executive is necessary. 


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